Flesk Brewng and taproom, brewpub
William and James started home brewing just after James' 21st birthday. After a few experiments, they decided to make great beer for friends and family instead of the typical beer on special. At this point the beer geek inside both William and James took over. Fierce in-family competitions sprang up pitting one stout against the other, one IPA against the other, one brother against the other.
In the end they decided to team up and make beer together, but neither knew exactly what they were doing. William and James went to the Siebel Institute of Brewing Technology in Chicago. James traveled to Munich, Germany where he completed and received his WBA International Diploma in Brewing Technology.
The name Flesk comes from a castle in Ireland. William and James' dad went to Ireland as an 18 year old and toured the country with a friend. He came upon a castle named Flesk Castle in county Kerry. While in the castle their dad pulled two "relics" from the wall and brought them back home. When James and Will were young their dad would tell them stories of the castle and the ghosts that lurked in the shadows. Then he would bring out the "relics" and say that maybe a ghost or even a banshee rode across the ocean in one of the relics.